“It's about the fact that the little boy fails because of a little thing and in the end they make something big out of it. Something really big. It's about being able to finish things. Especially things about the love between the grandfather and his grandson.“

Aki Bosse about our concept



Front from left to right

Florian Pusch, Hagen Wagner, Egon Merten

Back from left to right

Delia Merten, Thilo Goll, Linus Meyer, Beate Reisner, Tim Kohlen, Benedikt Groß, Klaus Münster, Josua Stäbler, Lucas Meyer

And action! „Kraniche“ director Josua is is looking over Hagens shoulder  

The actor becomes the cinematographer.

Aki vs. Egon. There is no mercy during the shoot of


Shooting break. Egon is making himself comfortable.

The colour correction is almost done and we're pretty happy.

And that's what the finished video looks like in the video-editing program. This is where the cut and the compositing (video 1-6) as well as the color correction (video 7-23) all come together.