Preview "Fliegen"

Preview "Streit"

Preview "Suche"

First day of shooting.

Discussing the screenplay.

And action! The first take has been shot.

Shooting in Bad Waldsee-Reute.

Raúl Semmler and Paul Frielinghaus at the set of “Paper plane“.

Hagen and Josua concentrateting on work.

Main actor Silas is happy with the shooting.

The glider is getting jacked up.

Our camera station.

The aerial filming is being coordinated by Andreas sitting in the tower.

Silas Eggebrecht and Raúl Semmler are ready for the next take. The sun protection has been taking care of.

Camera plane, glider and tow-plane are up in the air.

The crew of „Luftschloss“ at the gliding airfield of Bad Waldsee-Reute.

Linus, the camera assistent, is spontaneously doubling the mother for a few close-ups on Raúl and Frank.

Christine Wilhelmi has finished shooting.

The crew of “Paper plane“.

Cinematographers with special requests.

Nighttime shooting.

Our sound crew.

Back in Bad Waldsee-Reute for filming.

Silas Eggebrecht and Paul Frielinghaus taking a break from shooting.

There has to be some time for fun at any time! That's what director Bene and his main actor Silas think.

Linus Meyer and Josua Stäbler backing up data.

Last day of shooting. The weather is dreamlike.

Our sunshade.

The last photo of the shooting. Many thanks to our great crew and the huge number of supporters.