The Crew in front of the tour bus (from left to right): Ari (merchandiser), Phil (guitar), Marius (drums), Luci (bass), Matze (vocals&guitar), Dennis (backliner) and Lucas of Filmfabrik Schwaben as the sound mixer.

The first location was „Ponyhof“ in a Frankfurt suburb called Sachsenhausen. A club as big as a living room but packed with 95 people.

On the way to Vienna, Austria. Being on the road with a TV and Playstation on board isn't too bad.  

Allen&Heath GB4 Desk.

Great lighting and atmosphere at the show in Vienna, Austria.

Having a short break at lake Mondsee on our way to Innsbruck, Austria. What a scenic view!

Innsbruck, Austria – where you can always see some snow covered mountains.

Dresden, Germany, was the first city where we could actually do some sightseeing. Matze and I went to the Frauenkirche (church) and to the historic part of the town under rough weather conditions. But it was worth it. Dresden is a beautiful city!

Concert at the Groovestation.

Underground in Cologne. The first guests already arrived shortly after the soundcheck and waited to get in.The location was super packed.

From Cologne to the beautiful north of Germany. Lübeck and Hamburg.

Hipster essentials.

The last location and climax of the tour was the show at the KellerKlub in Stuttgart. Filmfabrik Schwaben shot there a live video of the song “Hallo“. Home match for Heisskalt,  the band is originally from Stuttgart, and for us.

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