"Oh Gott, du bist so schön! Bitte sag mir deinen Namen, will ihn zehntausend Mal sagen, dich zehntausend Mal fragen, wer du bist. Sei die Mutter meiner Erben, will dich lieben und dann sterben." 

“These are the lyrics that break girls' hearts. However in the video it's manly bottles of beer and maybe a few taboos that break. The only question left is why there's a sheep right in the middle of it! Wait, you have no idea what sheep we're talking about? Then you should better watch this!“ - DASDING


Discussing the procedure of the shoot. Josua is explaining the next take.

Määhh. The name of our lovely sheep is Emily. The best actress we've ever had! We love you.

Shooting at the Zwölfzehn in Stuttgart.

Keeping it clean – Hagen is cleaning his camera lenses.


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